2018 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
188Taylor Lideen2012:14 PMSolo Male, ,
2117AWI Racing1912:31 PMSolo Male 
3100Zee Master1712:03 PMSolo MaleM&M Cycling
497Veloworx1712:57 PMSolo MaleTrek, Bicycle Ranch, Watkin Law
593LEGENDS RACING1612:00 PMSolo MaleTrek store of West Phoenix
6108Breck bike guides1612:01 PMSolo MaleBreck Bike Guides,Form Attainment Studio
7158Peter Basinger1512:07 PMSolo Male 
863Zito Bandito1412:44 PMSolo Male 
9113chuck141:10 PMSolo Male 
1059One more lap!141:39 PMSolo Male 
11157TRENT HOVENGA1312:01 PMSolo Male 
12139Chewie Juan Solo's Co-Pilot1312:01 PMSolo Male 
1330Johnny Uno Palla1312:31 PMSolo MaleKain Performance AR&G, Inc.
1469The Rob Job1212:03 PMSolo MaleExhale Bikes
1654Twin 21212:58 PMSolo Male 
1770Twin 11212:58 PMSolo Male 
1857Asian Persuasion121:18 PMSolo MaleM & M Cycling MMRC Bank of Mom and Dad
1956Oracle Mountain Gearheads121:31 PMSolo Male 
20127Jonny Mac121:38 PMSolo Male 
211831112:04 PMSolo MaleCannondale, ,
223Webber1112:11 PMSolo MaleI wish
2348Dan Ahearn1112:15 PMSolo Male 
24141Clownfish111:49 PMSolo Male 
2583IT'S BRETT'S LAP!112:20 PMSolo Male 
2672David Loehrs1012:03 PMSolo MaleTucson Endurance Performance Center
2799AK Backcountry1012:03 PMSolo Male 
28151Dsummitt241012:25 PMSolo MaleGroove Subaru Excel Racing team
2992Epic Transfer - Andre1012:58 PMSolo MaleRock N Road, Project Bike Love, ZOCA Gear
30176Pain is my friend912:04 PMSolo Male 
3123Kodiak Tough912:07 PMSolo Male 
32162Jason Bikes912:10 PMSolo MaleProPhotoRental.com
33180MrNatural812:02 PMSolo Male 
3447Jackass812:04 PMSolo Male 
3567Sowers812:07 PMSolo Male 
36123Shortt812:09 PMSolo Male 
37140Team Gutierrez812:28 PMSolo Male 
38120Hill Street Brews812:32 PMSolo Male 
391308 Laps812:42 PMSolo Male 
40107Micah clinger812:46 PMSolo MaleExhale bikes, Team payntake,
415URF Racing712:01 PMSolo Male 
4298Figjam712:01 PMSolo Male 
4338Mr. Spectacular712:02 PMSolo Male 
4444Joe Brown712:06 PMSolo MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
45159Gonna be a long day712:06 PMSolo MaleDad, Mom, Sonoran cycles
4651Backcountry Alaska712:07 PMSolo Male 
47105Riding with Scissors712:08 PMSolo Male 
4913Jason Drewlo Jason Bjelk71:01 PMSolo MaleSix to Midnight Racing
50174Was planning on Duo, but I fell asleep.612:02 PMSolo Male 
5195Cajun Rage612:06 PMSolo MaleEastbank Cyclery
5235San Tan Racing612:10 PMSolo Male 
539Jon Solo612:11 PMSolo Male92Fifty/Elevated Legs
5433More Faps Than Laps612:20 PMSolo MaleBrazzers Apple iPhone 8 Verizon Wireless
5584Solo Manolo612:25 PMSolo Male 
56104Bill Valleroy612:54 PMSolo Male 
5722Team Grandpa61:14 PMSolo Male 
582Secret Admirer of Karen61:50 PMSolo Male 
5949Furry Bury Balls512:01 PMSolo Male 
60164safety 1st512:04 PMSolo Male 
61134Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters512:06 PMSolo Male, ,
6214Ride Steve...RIDE!512:09 PMSolo Male 
6387Overstreet Racing512:46 PMSolo Male 
64144Felsenziesel512:58 PMSolo Male, ,
6578RED412:01 PMSolo MaleTj Frisbee Bicycles
66115Trail Fodder412:02 PMSolo MaleStage Monkey Productions
6773Got no chance of losin this time412:06 PMSolo MaleMy Family
68138Mark Barden412:06 PMSolo Male 
6966Joey the Human412:06 PMSolo Male 
7060Embrace the Suck #6312:02 PMSolo Male 
7119oneManWolfpack312:03 PMSolo Male 
7246The Sir Pablo312:10 PMSolo Male 
7377Cholla Love #9312:17 PMSolo Male 
74106El Huevo Ranchero312:34 PMSolo MaleMy Wife
75128Brian Suzuki212:00 PMSolo Male 
76118Oracle212:07 PMSolo Male 
7725Richard Webster112:03 PMSolo Male 
DNF148JORGE AYALA1211:25 AMSolo Male 
DNF85Life Time Fitness108:34 AMSolo Male 
DNF58maquina 5:301011:32 AMSolo MaleGuillermo De La Vega Guillermo De La Vega Guillermo De La Vega
DNF179Heroes Racing712:59 AMSolo MaleHeroes Foundation, Gray Goat, Specialized
DNF184Pachanga57:55 PMSolo Male 
DNF55Cha Cha Bitches23:29 PMSolo Male 
DNF28Retirement Gift: Sick Idea of Fun23:30 PMSolo Male 
DNF65Team Free Lunch24:44 PMSolo MaleBio Remedies
DNF121murtagh210:49 AMSolo Male 
DNF132SH15:15 PMSolo Male