2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1304King & Queen of Pain2012:17 PMDuo Co-edIMBA / GU
2237Learning Curve201:02 PMDuo Co-edExposure Lights USA, Carmichael Training Systems
3264That's MR. & MRS. Utley to You!201:04 PMDuo Co-edOro Valley Bicycle
4281Spidey Buzz1912:46 PMDuo Co-ed 
5302summit velo1812:10 PMDuo Co-edsummit velo
6243Crested Butte Extreme Nurse Team1712:06 PMDuo Co-ed 
7255Summit County Hardcore1612:05 PMDuo Co-edSummit Velo
8217ichthyosaurus161:12 PMDuo Co-ed 
9293Burrito & Mango151:05 PMDuo Co-edhttp://schillingsworth.blogspot.com/
10222Pardee of Two, II151:06 PMDuo Co-ed 
11242SistrNaBrothrFrmAnothrMothr1412:21 PMDuo Co-ed 
12299Team Pickle 1412:39 PMDuo Co-edHeart + Soul Racing
13305Salsa Duet141:15 PMDuo Co-ed 
14298Jones'ing To Ride141:26 PMDuo Co-edTwo-Wheel Jones
15280Persistent Pain1312:08 PMDuo Co-ed 
16278Pactimo Masters1212:04 PMDuo Co-edPactimo
17239Team Wana-Schaft1212:55 PMDuo Co-ed 
18292Cog Block1112:24 PMDuo Co-ed 
19295Hojaline1112:28 PMDuo Co-ed 
20294East Coast Freaks1112:51 PMDuo Co-ed 
21288Solange & Mike - Team Nationwide1012:01 PMDuo Co-edNationwide / Pro Lube / Scott
22287Single26ers1012:24 PMDuo Co-ed 
23297Team Ozvat1012:29 PMDuo Co-edOzvat Inc.
24307The Honeymoon is Over912:16 PMDuo Co-ed 
25253Drunkcyclist Deux - Who moved our beer?61:46 PMDuo Co-edDrunkcyclist.com
26244jk412:22 PMDuo Co-ed 
DNF290Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution103:38 AMDuo Co-edFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution
DNF303Chacon-Pratt35:28 PMDuo Co-edGRO Promotions
DNF226EIEIO25:02 PMDuo Co-ed