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Team number
Team Name
Team Type
Lap NumberRiderLap Finish TimeDurationHome Town
1Kaolin Cummens2/15/2020 1:08:36 PM01:08:36cave creek, AZ
2Nathan Miller2/15/2020 2:12:17 PM01:03:40Ridgway, CO
3Dax Massey2/15/2020 3:17:59 PM01:05:41Denver, CO
4Ben Jones2/15/2020 4:29:05 PM01:11:06Cardiff By The Sea, CA
5Kaolin Cummens2/15/2020 5:44:20 PM01:15:15cave creek, AZ
6Nathan Miller2/15/2020 6:49:09 PM01:04:48Ridgway, CO
7Dax Massey2/15/2020 7:57:22 PM01:08:13Denver, CO
8Ben Jones2/15/2020 9:07:27 PM01:10:04Cardiff By The Sea, CA
9Kaolin Cummens2/15/2020 10:35:57 PM01:28:29cave creek, AZ
10Nathan Miller2/15/2020 11:44:10 PM01:08:13Ridgway, CO
11Dax Massey2/16/2020 12:55:30 AM01:11:19Denver, CO
12Ben Jones2/16/2020 2:08:25 AM01:12:55Cardiff By The Sea, CA
13Kaolin Cummens2/16/2020 3:33:38 AM01:25:12cave creek, AZ
14Nathan Miller2/16/2020 4:42:41 AM01:09:03Ridgway, CO
15Dax Massey2/16/2020 5:57:18 AM01:14:36Denver, CO
16Ben Jones2/16/2020 7:12:23 AM01:15:04Cardiff By The Sea, CA
17Kaolin Cummens2/16/2020 8:30:25 AM01:18:02cave creek, AZ
18Nathan Miller2/16/2020 9:38:39 AM01:08:13Ridgway, CO
19Dax Massey2/16/2020 10:49:01 AM01:10:22Denver, CO
20Ben Jones2/16/2020 11:55:51 AM01:06:50Cardiff By The Sea, CA
21Kaolin Cummens2/16/2020 1:15:12 PM01:19:20cave creek, AZ